There’s a new wedding TV show starting and we can’t wait

Move over Love Island, this is what we’ll be watching this summer

It seems like the whole of the UK is obsessed with Love Island at the moment, but we’re patiently waiting for the start of an altogether different show, all about wedding dresses.

The Posh Frock Shop, launching on June 11th, will offer a rare glimpse into the inner workings of wedding designer Ian Stuart’s fashion house, The Blewcoat, revealing the talent behind his multi award-winning designs.

Since opening in 2014, The Blewcoat has been home to Ian’s bridal collections, offering women a relaxed, yet luxurious experience of high fashion. Shopping is by appointment to ensure that clients enjoy a truly personalised service.

“There is this misconception that boutiques like mine are snooty and unwelcoming. The Posh Frock Shop will show you otherwise. Yes, the fashion world is glamourous and over the top at times, but I am a normal guy from up North who doesn’t take myself too seriously,” says Ian.

Twenty-five, half hour episodes will be aired each weekday evening at 5.30pm for five consecutive weeks from 11 June, 2018.


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