Children of the '90s, we've Found your Wedding Day Bag

Call off the search, this Polly Pocket bag will complete your wedding day outfit

As children of the '90s, we were obsessed with My Little Pony, Power Rangers, and Polly Pocket, so naturally, all of our childhood dreams came true when we laid eyes on the Polly Pocket cross body bag.

If you've been searching for your dream wedding clutch bag, we implore you to call off the search, because it simply doesn't get any better than this. 

The bag our 8-year-old selves dreamed of
The bag our 8-year-old selves dreamed of

Truffle Shuffle made our wildest dreams come true with the cross-body number, and while it may not be everyone's idea of a traditional wedding bag, since we've seen it, we can't imagine keeping our wedding day essentials in anything else. 

Plus - it's heart shaped - perfect for the most romantic day of your life. 


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