Your Mum will Spend More Time Planning your Wedding than your Groom

We always knew we could count on our mum!

Mums are great, aren’t they? Always on the end of the phone when you need a chat, or advice on how to wash that tricky silk top, and while there are a few annoying things she’s likely to say in the lead up to your wedding, it turns out the mother-of-the-bride is actually pretty indispensable when it comes to planning your big day.  

In fact, a recent survey by JD Williams revealed that your mum will actually spend longer planning your wedding than your fiancé will!

Image | Emma Case
Image | Emma Case

Grooms spend on average 33 hours preparing for the biggest day of their life, while your mum will invest 50 hours helping you out. Even your future husband’s mum will spend longer than the groom himself, with the mother-of-the-groom totting up 46 hours organising the wedding of her son.

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One reason your mum might be spending so much time helping you organise the day of your dreams is because your side of the family will be making quite a large financial investment into your day. 

In keeping with tradition of the bride’s dad stumping up money for his daughter’s wedding, the bride’s family contributes on average £12,822 towards their daughter’s day, while the family of the groom spends £5,766 on it.


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